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Everything you need to know.

We’ve made attending your appointment easier than ever.

What to expect.

Each appointment with us is important to assess your overall eye health.

After checking in at reception, our ophthalmic assistant will call you through to check your vision and perform comprehensive tests appropriate to your problem.  These will be reviewed by Dr Then during your consultation.

When you visit us for the first time, you’ll be provided with our New Patient Form.  You can print this form now and bring it with you to your appointment if you would like to save time.

  • A current referral if we have not already received it
  • Your Medicare or DVA card, and any concession or private health insurance cards
  • Your current prescription spectacles (for reading and/or driving)
  • Medication list/medical history
  • Your sunglasses and a driver to take you home
  • When you arrive for your appointment you’ll be provided with our New Patient Form.
  • Our ophthalmic assistant will call you through to check your vision, perform comprehensive tests appropriate to your problem and apply dilating eye drops.
  • You will then be reviewed by Dr Then.
  • You will receive dilating drops at your first appointment to allow for examination of the eyes.
  • Please remember that dilating drops blur your vision temporarily and increase glare.  Driving with blurred vision is unsafe.  We recommend arranging someone to drive you home after your appointment.  Sunglasses will reduce the impact of glare whilst your pupils are dilated.
  • Subsequent appointments may not require pupils to be dilated however it is always best to ask if you are unsure so that you can be prepared.
  • We recommend that you allow 2 hours for your appointment.
  • Our receptionists can advise you of the wait time on your arrival. If this wait time is not suitable to you, our receptionists will offer you the opportunity to re-schedule to a later date for your convenience.
  • Please note that emergencies and unforeseen circumstances may cause your appointment to run late.
  • Peel Vision is a private practice with a private billing policy and payment is required on the day of your appointment via EFTPOS.  Following payment, we will process any Medicare claims on your behalf. 
  • Please ask our receptionist for the expected cost of your appointment.
  • Discounts are provided to Pension and Health Care Card holders.
  • Please note that you can only claim rebates for specialist fees from your private health insurance if you receive treatment in hospital.

A current referral is required if you wish to claim any Medicare rebates.

Referrals can be obtained from any GP, optometrist or other specialists.

GP & optometrist referrals expire after 12 months.  A specialist referral expires after 3 months.

Your medical information is strictly confidential.

Following your appointment, Peel Vision will send a detailed report to your referrer.

To optimise your care, we may also request background information relating to your medical history or previous care from your GP, optometrist or other specialists.

For further information, please feel free to review our Privacy Policy.

What to remember.

Bring your referral and Medicare card.

Allow 2 hours for your appointment

Bring your current prescription glasses

Bring sunglasses and someone to drive you home

Payment is required on the day

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