Diabetic eye disease

Diabetic eye disease What is diabetes? More than 1 million Australians have known diabetes.  There are 2 main types of diabetes: Type 1 diabetes This is an autoimmune condition whereby the immune system destroys the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. It is not linked to lifestyle factors and cannot be prevented. It most […]


Cataract What is a cataract? When asked, many people wrongly believe that a cataract is a “film” or “cloudiness” that grows on the outside of the eye. This is incorrect. A cataract is actually a problem that develops within the lens inside the eye. The lens of the eye lies behind the coloured part (the […]


Cataract. Cataracts are a cloudy change within the lens of the eye. They cause progressive blurring of vision until effectively treated with surgery. Cataract What is a cataract? When asked, many people wrongly believe that a cataract is a “film” or “cloudiness” that grows on the outside of the eye. This is incorrect. A cataract […]

Sun Protection

Protecting your eyes against the Perth sun   Australia has one of the highest UV ratings in the world — and a world-high skin cancer rating to go with it. The Perth sun is famously (or, perhaps infamously) scorching, and our bodies can take significant damage as a result. You probably already know about protective […]

Perth Eye Hospital

When you book a surgery or procedure as a private patient with Peel Vision, it’ll occur at one of three locations — our Peel Vision clinic in Mandurah, Peel Health Campus, or Perth Eye Hospital. Where your procedure is performed depends on the type of treatment required, Dr Then’s assigned surgery dates and of course, […]


Blepharospasm What is blepharospasm? “Blepharo” means eyelid and “spasm” means uncontrolled muscle contraction.  So blepharospasm refers to any uncontrolled and involuntary movement of the eyelid.  It can range from abnormally frequent blinking to eyelid twitching to severe contraction of the eyelids such that the patient cannot keep their eyes open. When is there no cause […]

Laser for Glaucoma

YAG laser peripheral iridotomy (YAG laser PI) At Peel Vision, we use the advanced TANGO TM SLT/YAG combination laser, a state-of-the-art laser using ultra-low energy levels, ensuring the highest levels of safety and precision. When is YAG laser PI required? YAG laser PI is used as a preventative treatment for patients with closed or narrow […]

Eyelid Lesions

Eyelid Lesions. The eyelid can develop many different types of benign lesions. These are usually easy to diagnose and treat within the clinic without any need for a hospital procedure. Eyelid lesions What is an eyelid lesion? There are many different types of lumps and bumps that can form within our eyelids.  These can be […]

Dry & Watery Eyes

Dry eye Dry eye is very common, with 1 in 10 Australian adults experiencing signficant problems from their dry eyes. What is dry eye? Dry eye is a very common problem that can occur in any age group, but is a particular problem in the older adult.  About 1 in 10 adults in Australia will […]

Diabetic eye disease

Diabetic Eye Disease. More than 1 million Australian adults have diabetes, and more than 1/3 of these have diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of preventable blindness in Australia. Early detection and treatment of diabetic eye disease is critical in preventing severe and irreversible vision loss. Diabetic eye disease What is diabetes? More […]

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